How to make cut outs in clothes ( & 4 other Peekaboo fashion details you can add in your clothes)

Upgrade your wardrobe with cut-outs in clothes & Peekaboo fashion elements! Find practical tips and inspiration.

If you believe that your skin is a fashion accessory by itself and it should be revealed in all its glory, there is no shortage of such short clothes in the market. However, there is a charm in offering small peeks, and that is fashion in itself—the peekaboo fashion. Peekaboo is a fashion term used to describe elements in a dress that give a peek at the skin underneath with strategically placed cut-outs, sheer panels, or transparent fabrics.

There are many ways that you can add the peekaboo element to your clothes. For some clothes, directly cutting out portions of fabric, does not cause any structural damage. For eg. on t-shirts you can simply use your scissors to cut out small portions and they become a decorating element by themselves. But most woven fabrics cannot be cut like that – their edges have to be finished properly lest the edges fray.

Peekaboo is all about maintaining the allure and charm of revealing clothes without being too overt or explicit. It adds an element of mystery and seduction by strategically revealing glimpses of skin through well-placed cut-outs panels. The skin is revealed in a tasteful and sophisticated way, leaving something to the imagination.

This tutorial teaches you how to make these cut outs to join the peekaboo fashion trend.

Make a square Peekaboo Cut out

Cut out square piece from interfacing

Cut a square piece of the dimension of the cut out you want from a thin interfacing material.

Make a fold by the center

Fold the square piece by the center, diagonally.

You get a triangle piece

Fold the interfacing to a triangle shape as in the picture above.

Make another fold

Fold your triangle again by the middle.

Keep the fold in place

Keep your scissors ready for cutting this shape.

Cut the shape

Decide on the width of the facing you want (on the front or the back ) Cut this measure from the edge.

Cut it out

Discard the top part.

The shape of the facing

When you open, you get your facing.

Adhere to a square fabric

Cut out a square fabric piece which is 1/2 inches wider on all sides. Adhere the interfacing on the fabric piece.

Fold the fabric by the middle.

Fold this fabric piece by the middle, diagonally.

Fold again.

Fold the fabric again by the middle.

Cut out the top part

Leaving 1/2 inch from the interfacing, cut out the fabric.

Your cut out facing

The facing piece is ready with 1/2 inch all around outside of the interfacing.

Keep this facing on the clothing

Keep the facing, face down on the back side of the clothing (this depends on whether you want the facing outside or inside the garment). I want the facing to be visible as a band to the outside, So I am keeping the facing on the back, face down as in the picture above. If you do not want the facing to be visible, keep the facing on the top of the face of the material, face down.
Sew along the inside edge of the interfacing.

Cut out the inside of the facing & Clip the edges

Cut out the inside of garment to match the facing. Clip the corner very generously. You should also clip along the seam allowance all along the edges.

Turn the facing to the other side

Bring the facing to the back of the material (in my case to the front of the garment). Press neatly with iron so that the edges are sharp.

Fold the edges to the inside

Fold edges of the facing to the inside. Press in place.

The Cut-out in live action.

Even with a large-sized hole, it stays secure when the facing is properly constructed. I initially thought the hole was too big, but when paired with a top or pants, it looks fine.

Adding open seams

Some parts of the seams can be left open to give a tantalizing peekaboo effect. This element is usually added to sleeves.

Add lace to bring the cut out peekaboo element

Lace is the ultimate peekaboo.

T shirt cut outs

cut out tshirts

Tshirts are made of jersey knit fabrics and the edges just curl up when cut out. They do not fray. So you can cut out small portions (large cut outs can sag) of the t-shirts for achieving the look. Checkout this post on making different types of tshirt cut outs.

Mesh portions giving a peekaboo look

Mesh is added to sportswear and casual clothes without any lining.

Loose weave fabrics

Loose weave fabrics like crotchet fabrics, or light and stretchy sweater knit, eyelet fabrics or cutwork embroidered fabrics can also give a peekaboo, cut out effect.

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