Explore articles to do clothing alterations - make simple adjustments to customised transformations. Make the clothes you have truly fit you.

When clothes go bad (and they all do), there are two choices before you - throw them away and buy new ones or mend, repair, alter or recycle the ones you have to make them wearable again.

There are many advantages to mending, altering, or, if these fail, recycling your clothes. One is a global-level advantage. You are not burdening the world with more clothes. The textile and fashion industry pollutes the environment like no other. So you are doing something good for the earth and its inhabitants.

Then there is the budget-saving nature of mending. New clothes cost you money. Do you want to save some money or not?

If all these do not interest you, maybe self-satisfaction would. There's something satisfying about being able to mend and repair your own clothes. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Try it!

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