About the Author

Hello, I’m Sarina, and I write articles about my love for clothes, fashion, and creating things with fabrics here.

Clothes are more than garments; they are statements of identity. Fashion is like wearing art, and clothes help us show our personality and feel special and confident. Is there anything more creative than dealing with clothes that look and feel wonderful and help us show who we are?

Embroidery is like drawing with threads. You can tell beautiful stories with your embroidery work. Flowers, patterns, and all sorts of things can come to life with embroidery.

I have always been passionate about all these and I really have a blast sewing, playing with fashion, creating clothes, and doing embroidery. Hope I can translate the fun I have with threads and fabrics to encourage you to make even more awesome stuff . Let’s Create Together all of these and more here.

Hoping that we can learn and do wonderful things together. Thank you for wanting to.

Lots of Love.

Sarina Tariq