How to hide Bra straps – DIY BRA STRAP HOLDER (3 easy tutorials) & other tricks

Prevent bra straps from showing by making a Bra strap holder in 3 different ways {easy DIY tutorials}

Most of the time, it takes someone in front of you to notice and alert you about the bra strap creeping from under the shoulder of your dress. If it is a date or a business meeting, you may or maynot get the hint from the many embarrassed looks that signal that it is out in the open. Well, don’t wait for that. Hide your bra straps with these ingenious ways. 

Every bra-wearing girl must have experienced the problem of a bra strap showing off itself for all the world to see. But you are not keen on this particular show off – are you?.

A bra strap holder is very easy to sew. Let me tell you how to. These are tutorials for three types of bra strap holders used in different circumstances

Different easy ways to Hide bra starps

  1. Wear clothes with sew-in bra.
  2. Use Strapless bras.
  3. Use bras with plastic straps.
  4. Use convertible bras from which the straps can be taken off.
  5. Pin the bra strap inside with small pins.
  6. Use double sided fashion taps to keep straps in place.
  7. Cross the bra straps and clip them with bra strap clips.You can search for bra strap clips for slipping.


bra strap holder

This is a strap holder that you sew onto the shoulder seams of your tops/ dresses so that the straps are not visible peeping out near the shoulder seam.

How to make this bra strap holder

diy bra strap holder

You need a fabric piece which is 1.5 “wide and a pair of snaps to make this strap holder. Cut a long strip so that you can make the strap holder for a number of dresses at once . I usually take a 28 inch long fabric piece, so that I can get 8 bra strap holders ( of 3.5 inch ) , which is good for 4 tops.

Step 1

Fold the fabric strip by the center lengthwise. Then fold the edges to the inside ( Like you would make a double folded  bias binding strip) Stitch along the fold . You have the strap ready.

Step 2

Cut the straps 3.5 inch in length . You will be folding 1/4 inch on either side under so the final holder will be 3 inches.

Step 3

diy lingerie strap holder

Take a pair of snaps – Fold one end of the strap piece. Keep the snap on the folded edge. Sew the snap on the strap end .

Sew the counterpart snap on the shoulder seam near the neck.

Sew the strap to the other end of the shoulder seam. Please make sure that the snaps will meet before sewing it on. Remember to fold the end there too.( for a neat look)Stitch with a matching thread.

You can machine stitch the strap or hand sew with whip stitches around.

bra strap holders

Sew the strap on the other shoulder as well. Then continue sewing the straps to the rest of your tops.


This holder serves a very different purpose than the earlier holder. Sometimes you wear a halter neck dress and need a bra that lies close to your neck. The bra’s wide straps should be brought closer to the middle of the body so that it will not be visible to the outside of the halter top/ dress.

This easy-peasy bra strap holder can be made with a small piece of elastic or stretchy fabric strap 8 inches in length. You also need a hook like this one.

Just string the hook on the elastic and stitch the fabric ends together. The bra strap connector holder is ready to be hooked on. You can attach it to the front or the back, or both.

bra strap connector


Sometimes you wear a very low V-neck back top, blouse, or dress, and your bra strap is embarrassingly and glaringly visible near the V of the back. That is enough to mar the beauty of the dress you are wearing.

You can easily lower the bra with this bra hack, in which you stitch a piece of elastic connecting the hook edges of the bra.

Measure around your waist or where you want the bra strap to be. Subtract 2-3″. Cut out a 3/4 ” wide elastic in this measure. Wear the bra as usual and cross the elastic band at the back and once more, slip this over your body. You can easily slip the bra strap lower by lowering the elastic attached to it.

I got this idea from this delightful blogger at extrapetite – She is not lazy like me, so she makes an additional strap that you can wear with other bras. Head to her blog for more instructions on making this very ingenious bra strap holder. But my seam ripper is always ready to take out the stitches when I sew the elastic directly onto the bra edges, and it is not every day that I wear a low-back blouse.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the easy way to hold the bra straps.
    I do have a question; how does the halter neck holder work?
    Do you have a picture. I’m imaging you can loop over one strap and hook onto the other
    strap but it looks permanent .. is that right? I think I could use snaps on the closed end so I can reuse it.

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