25 beautiful ways to stitch EMBROIDERY FLOWERS

Learn how to make embroidery flowers in different types in this detailed tutorial with step by step instructions.

embroider flowers

“The earth laughs in flowers.” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nothing is more true. If you can recreate this laughter somehow, on fabric what can be more rewarding. You can too – There are many ways flowers can be embroidered on your clothes tastefully to enhance the look of the garment – get nature’s blessings easily on to your clothes and accessories.

The embroiderd flowers can be placed around the neckline or on the sleeves or near the hem or the side slits. Check out the post on the correct way of embroidery placements

Earlier I used to be confused about what to fill the designs I have drawn up or copied from some embroidery design books. Now that I know embroidery (a little more) I am more confused. There are innumerous ways of making flowers using embroidery. I have listed my favourite ways of embroidering flowers here

embroidery stitches

You may also want to check out these 10 easy (I am always for ‘easy’) flower embroidery designs – each of them you can complete in a matter of a few minutes.

flower embroidery designs

Embroidery Flowers

1.Spider web rose

This is a beautiful rose made by weaving thread over straight stitches made around a point. 

rose embroidery

For more ways to embroider roses checkout the post – 10 ways to embroider roses 

embroider roses

2.Blanket stitch flowers

Simple Blanket stitches used to fill in the flower designs

embroidery flowers

Checkout this post on filling stitches to see 6 of the best filling stitches

filling stitches

3.Sun ray flowers

Straight stitches made around a point

embroidery flowers

You can change this flower to a 3D effect easily, by cutting the edges after securing the thread with simple back stitches . Checkout the post on making 12 types of 3D embroidery flowers if you like some texture and your flowers to have that extra dimension

3D embroidery flowers

There are many ways you can use the straight stitch to work simple flowers

Here back stitches form the stem and straight stitches make the petals of the flowers. The whole 6 strands of the embroidery floss are used to make the petals thick. If you are interested, the flower is from the post on T-shirt decorating

how to embroider flowers

4.Lazy daisy sprays 

There are some 8 different ways to make flowers with the lazy daisy stitch. Check them out.


5.Butterfly stitches Flower

Butterfly stitch involves satin stitch which is tied in pairs of 5 stitches or so with a contrasting coloured thread

embroider flower designs

6 . Satin stitched Flower

Close Satin stitches are used to fill the flower designs

embroidery flower designs

The butterfly stitched bow is combined with a simple satin stitched flower in this post on embroidered Jeans

jeans embroidered

embroidered jeans diy

7. Close buttonhole stitch 

Buttonhole stitches are used inside the flowers

embroidery flowers

8.Lazy Daisy buds

Long stalk lazy daisy stitch makes a very easy and pretty flower bud, don’t you think so?

lazy daisy flower embroidery designs

9. Pistil stitch  

Long tail bullion knot as well as french knots can be used to make pretty as a picture flowers. Learn how to make pistil stitch here 

embroider flowers


10.French knot flowers

French knots are very versatile and can make many types of flowers,one of them is the one given below. They are most commonly used to fill the center of flowers. Checkout the tutorial to make french knots (& its 5 uses in embroidery)

embroider flowers

11.Bullion roses

Bullion knot stitches arranged in a slanting angle around a french knot.


Checkout the detailed tutorial to make a Bullion knot stitch and 3 easy bullion stitch embroidery designs

bullion stitch

12.Blanket stitch flowers

Blanket stitches are made in the form of a fan here

kerchief with embroidery stitches

13. Lazy Daisy flowers

There are many more ways to make flowers with this very versatile stitch. Checkout the 8 different types of lazy daisy flowers you can make.

lazy daisy flower

14. Long and short stitch flowers

Checkout this post to Learn to do long and short stitch which is one of the best filling stitches, most suitable for filling big designs. Needle painting technique uses different shades of embroidery thread to fill embroidery designs in long and short stitches.


Check out the post on the 4 ways to recreate a pansy flower on fabric for easily stitching a pansy flower and some images you can use as a reference for embroidering pansy flowers.

diy pansies

15. Lazy daisy Tulips 

This flower is made by making a detached chain stitch upside down and then work one straight stitches through the loop of the detached chain stitch which shows up as the v shaped petals. 

lazy daisy


16. Herringbone stitch flowers ( Straight or reverse)

You can fill the flowers with herringbone stitches on the face of the fabric. If the herringbone stitches are used on the back of the fabric it will show up as a shadow and outline stitches on the flower design ( Shadow embroidery). This is mostly done on thin cloth for the shadow of the work done to be shown.

embroidery flowers

shadow embroidery


17.Chain stitch filled flowers

chain stitch embroidery

Chain stitch is made with thick strands of thread inside the designs. First, the outline is done and then the inside part is filled with rows of chain stitches. Check out the post on chain stitch embroidery for more details.

chain-stitch-01-compressor (1)

18. Cross stitch flowers

Checkout the post on beginners guide to cross stitch if you would like to learn more

how to make cross stitch patterns

19. Bullion rosebuds

Two Bullion knots are arranged together to look like a rose bud . 

20. Pinwheels

Here Blanket stitches are made in a circle around a point. Checkout this post on more variations of the simple blanket stitch

blanket stitch pinwheels

21 Granitos flowers

Checkout the tutorial to make this very easy granitos stitch to make beautiful puffy blooms.


22 Granitos rosebuds

rosebud with granitos stitch

23 Bead embroidery flowers

You can make beautiful flowers with bead and sequins. Check out the post on 10 easy to do bead embroidery flower motifs for more details

bead embroidery flowers

24 Ribbon embroidered flowers

ribbon embroidery flowers

If you are a fan of Ribbon embroidery you can checkout the 10 ways to make ribbon embroidered flowers here

tibbon embroidery flowers

Would you like to turn your embroidered flower into a clothing patch you can attach anywhere – Learn how to make embroidered Fabric Patches

embroidered fabric patch diy tutorial


25. Stitch handmade Fabric  flowers

You can make fabric flowers – different kinds of them and stitch them directly onto the fabric. If you want to make flowers with fabric you can check out these tutorials 

make flowers with fabric

how to make fabric roses   ribbon rose making diy       

how to make a ribbon flower

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