How to fold a piece of Cloth into a Mask : No Sew Face mask

When you are in a hurry and all your homemade or store-bought masks are in the wash or have very inconveniently disappeared just as you were about to go out, you have a situation.

How to deal with this crisis in the present scenario?  Simple enough; just  fold your square scarf, bandana, or handkerchief into a quick mask.

I will tell you how to fold any square piece of fabric to function like a real mask – without any sewing whatsoever.

You need a 22 inch square fabric piece or bandana for making these masks.

Simple tying cloth mask

Keep your fabric infront of you.

Place the bandana scarf or square fabric piece in front of you

Fold it into a triangle, right sides to the outside.

Fold it into half diagonally

Bring up the bottom corner as in the picture below.

Fold the bottom edge up

Fold up once more. 

Fold it again

This is your easy folded mask – keep it over your nose and mouth and bring the two edges to the back and tie them together on the back of your head with two knots.

Make a cloth Mask with hair ties

You can use 2 hair ties, as I have done or 1/4 inch wide elastic pieces (4.5 inches long) made into tubes by tying the edges (for a strictly no-sew version of the masks).

Fabric and 2 hairbands

Keep the fabric in front of you, wrong side up.

Keep the fabric face up in front of you

Bring the top and bottom edges to the middle.

Fold the top and bottom edge to the middle

Flip the fabric so that the flat side is facing you.

Turn the fabric to the other side

Now again bring the top and bottom edges to the middle.

Fold the top and bottom edges of the fabric for the no-sew mask to the middle

Now flip this again to the back.

Fold the short edges to the middle, so that the mask (middle) portion measures about 9 inches.

TUrn the left and right edges to the middle for the no sew face mask

Insert the hair ties through the sides. You can insert one of the edges into the folds of the other edge.

Insert the edges inside the hair ties and tuck the fabric edges to the folds

Your folded no-sew mask is ready.

no sew folded cloth face mask

A different version with neater back

The back of the mask given above has many folds – they can be hidden as well if you follow the following directions to make the mask.

Bring up the bottom corner of your fabric piece, as in the picture below.

Turn up the bottom corner of the fabric

Bring up the bottom edge in another fold.

Fold the bottom corner again

Fold once more.

Fold the fabric up again

Insert the ties through the sides.

Insert the hair ties to the sides

Flip the fabric so that the back of the mask is towards you.

The no sew mask with the corner side up

You can now tuck the projecting part into the folds at the back.


Fold the top corner down over the other folds to make the no-sew mask

This is your yet another folded fabric mask.

Front side of the face mask made with folded fabric

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  1. That is so neat and really looks easy. It beats the hours i spend sewing them, thank you. I love it when this old dog can learn a new trick. B. J. S.

    • Hi Betty
      Nice to know this was useful. The many folds may be slightly annoying for some but they give multilayer protection naturally : ) and in emergencies these folded bandana masks can be useful.

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